Unequal Tee

EBY Fasteners is a leading buttweld Unequal Tee manufacturer and supplier. When fluid has to be branched out in a different direction as compared to the straight flow, a tee can be used. The branch is at a 90° angle so the fluid can be rerouted in a different direction with the help of this buttweld unequal tee. An unequal tee is a “T” shaped fitting where the pipes fitted as a branch out are not of equal measurements.
Our forged unequal tee fittings ensure consistent appearance, long life, and good mechanical properties. The socket weld unequal tees can be used for smaller pipe fittings. Any of the unequal tees can be customized as per your specific requirements.

  • Specification
  • Material and Grades
  • Application


  •  Socket Weld : 1/8” to 2½” up to 9000#
  •  3” & 4” up to 6000#

  •  Screwed : 1/8” to 2” up to 9000#
  •   2½” to 4 up to 3000


  •  Resistance to corrosion
  •  Fine finish
  •  Sturdy