90° Elbow & Reducing Elbow

EBY Fasteners is the prime most leading manufacturer and supplier of 90 Deg Elbow. 90 Degree Elbow are fitting devices that are utilized to produce a 90-degree change in the direction of flow of the contents in a pipe. 90 Degree Elbow is basically two types: 90° Short Radius Elbow, 90° Long Radius Elbow. The difference between long and short radius The 90 Degree Short Radius Elbow is that the dimensions of each differ. The Long Radius elbow consists of a longer radius used to change the direction of the contents of the pipe across longer areas, where clearance with the critical flow. Whereas short radius elbows are used across short and tight areas. Offered 90-degree elbows can be customized as per the dimensions and specifications provided by the customers.

  • Specification
  • matreials & grades
  • Application


  •  Socket Weld : 1/8” to 2½” up to 9000#
  •  3” & 4” up to 6000#
  •  Screwed : 1/8” to 2” up to 9000#
  •  2½” to 4” up to 3000#


  •  Resistance to corrosion
  •  Fine finish
  •  Sturdy