Slip On Flanges

We are the leading manufacturers and exporters of Slip On Flanges. These products are specially designed in such a way that the outer diameter of the pipe is slightly smaller than the diameter of the flanges. These are acknowledged for corrosion resistance, excellent tolerance, and easy installation features. Available in various sizes and dimensions.

Slip-on Flanges are essentially a ring that is placed over the pipe end, with the flange face extending from the end of the pipe by enough distance to apply a weld bead on the inside diameter. The OD of the slip-on flange is also welded on the backside of the pipe flanges secured to the pipe with a fillet weld at the top and the bottom of the flanges.

  • Specification
  • Materials & Grades
  • Application
  •  Range: 150 to 2500.
  •  Size: ½” to 24”.


  •  These are generally not preferred for high pressure temperature environments.
  •  One size fits all pipe schedules.
  •  The smaller thickness of this flange allows for easier alignment of bolting holes.
  •  Fabricators can more easily cut pipe to flanges length for slip-on flanges.